Fee Structure

Fee Structure

The viability of any organization is dependent upon its individual members to support its overall mission. AGXi is no different. The benefits of membership would not exist without its member's financial support. AGXi receives financial support for its programs, services, and charity donations through the collections of fees and fundraisers.

Candidate Intake Fee -$187.50

All candidates that are selected to participate in the Diamond Membership Intake Process (DMIP) are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $187.50. This fee covers the administrative cost needed to support the Intake Program. The DMIP serves as the main introduction to sorority life with AGXi.

Initiation Fee- $187.50

All DMIP successful candidates are required to pay this one time Initiation Fee. The initiation fee is a one-time charge, assessed to incoming new members. The Initiation fee is also non-refundable. This covers the cost of the membership certificate, pin, lodging*, membership card and initiation setup.

*Can be diverted to other expenses when lodging is not needed.

Membership Dues - $125.00 Annual

Membership dues are the lifeline of the organization. They help sustain the mission of the organization. A portion of fees will help sustain the Soror Relief Fund, Charitable donation fund, Risk Management, Leadership Conferences, Soror Retreat, savings and programming.